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OriginDeparture atReturn atStopsPriceFind tickets
Antalya13 September 202214 September 2022DirectUSD 62View Deal
Istanbul23 September 202224 September 2022DirectUSD 63View Deal
Trabzon23 December 202225 December 2022DirectUSD 66View Deal
Adana17 October 202220 October 2022DirectUSD 67View Deal
Ankara23 October 202228 October 2022DirectUSD 94View Deal
Bodrum13 December 202216 December 20221 StopUSD 100View Deal
Tbilisi24 September 202230 September 2022DirectUSD 155View Deal
Mardin13 September 202217 September 20221 StopUSD 162View Deal
London10 October 202213 October 20221 StopUSD 163View Deal
Ercan19 August 202224 August 2022DirectUSD 176View Deal
Helsinki30 August 20221 September 2022DirectUSD 197View Deal
Rome14 October 202218 October 20221 StopUSD 199View Deal
Dusseldorf22 September 202225 September 2022DirectUSD 204View Deal
Isparta30 September 20222 October 20221 StopUSD 205View Deal
Gazipasa26 September 202230 September 20222 StopsUSD 206View Deal
Berlin4 October 20227 October 2022DirectUSD 206View Deal
Milan27 October 202230 October 20221 StopUSD 210View Deal
Tel Aviv-Yafo2 October 20226 October 20221 StopUSD 210View Deal
Dalaman27 September 20221 October 20221 StopUSD 214View Deal
Budapest29 September 20222 October 20221 StopUSD 218View Deal
Baku17 November 202221 November 2022DirectUSD 218View Deal
Brussels16 October 202222 October 20221 StopUSD 227View Deal
Zurich3 October 20229 October 20221 StopUSD 230View Deal
Eindhoven14 October 202216 October 20222 StopsUSD 233View Deal
Frankfurt23 October 202228 October 20223 StopsUSD 240View Deal
Dublin18 October 202222 October 20222 StopsUSD 241View Deal
Prague28 September 20224 October 20222 StopsUSD 246View Deal
Batumi24 October 202228 October 20221 StopUSD 248View Deal
Sofia15 September 202218 September 20221 StopUSD 262View Deal
Porto1 November 20226 November 20221 StopUSD 263View Deal
Stockholm3 September 20228 September 20221 StopUSD 269View Deal
Belgrade22 September 202225 September 20221 StopUSD 270View Deal
Podgorica17 October 202221 October 20223 StopsUSD 270View Deal
Nevsehir2 September 20223 September 20221 StopUSD 273View Deal
Warsaw1 September 20227 September 20223 StopsUSD 280View Deal
Krakow3 November 20229 November 20222 StopsUSD 283View Deal
Cologne3 September 20225 September 20221 StopUSD 297View Deal
Bucharest26 August 202228 August 20221 StopUSD 297View Deal
Rotterdam14 October 202216 October 20223 StopsUSD 298View Deal
Skopje8 August 202211 August 20221 StopUSD 306View Deal
Tehran21 August 202227 August 2022DirectUSD 312View Deal
Lisbon13 September 202219 September 20222 StopsUSD 318View Deal
Tallinn4 September 202210 September 20222 StopsUSD 327View Deal
Sharjah11 October 202214 October 20221 StopUSD 337View Deal
Riga24 August 202230 August 20222 StopsUSD 340View Deal
Iasi26 August 202228 August 20222 StopsUSD 343View Deal
Funchal27 September 202229 September 20222 StopsUSD 359View Deal
Hamburg18 August 202224 August 20222 StopsUSD 363View Deal
Yerevan19 September 202224 September 20221 StopUSD 375View Deal
Stuttgart12 August 202217 August 20221 StopUSD 395View Deal
Chisinau22 August 202228 August 20221 StopUSD 398View Deal
Dubai11 October 202214 October 20223 StopsUSD 427View Deal
Nice18 August 202221 August 20222 StopsUSD 433View Deal
Vienna10 August 202213 August 2022DirectUSD 435View Deal
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse22 August 202228 August 20222 StopsUSD 440View Deal
Bremen16 July 202322 July 20231 StopUSD 447View Deal
Paris19 August 202221 August 20223 StopsUSD 481View Deal
Kerkyra10 August 202212 August 20223 StopsUSD 511View Deal
Munich12 August 202217 August 20221 StopUSD 521View Deal
Geneva12 August 202214 August 20221 StopUSD 552View Deal
Adler/Sochi8 October 202211 October 20221 StopUSD 569View Deal
Mineralnye Vody22 August 202226 August 20221 StopUSD 588View Deal
Moscow30 November 20221 December 20222 StopsUSD 605View Deal
Makhachkala23 October 202228 October 20222 StopsUSD 615View Deal
Saint Petersburg16 October 202219 October 20222 StopsUSD 637View Deal
Nalchik8 October 202211 October 20222 StopsUSD 657View Deal
Aktyubinsk4 October 20227 October 20222 StopsUSD 667View Deal
Nur-Sultan (Astana)4 October 20227 October 20221 StopUSD 693View Deal
Groznyy26 September 202229 September 20221 StopUSD 701View Deal
Kuwait9 August 202215 August 20221 StopUSD 712View Deal
Minsk13 October 202216 October 20221 StopUSD 715View Deal
Rize8 August 202210 August 20221 StopUSD 723View Deal
Yekaterinburg8 October 202213 October 20222 StopsUSD 743View Deal
Aktau31 August 20223 September 20222 StopsUSD 749View Deal
Samara17 October 202223 October 20223 StopsUSD 758View Deal
Kazan3 October 20227 October 20222 StopsUSD 769View Deal
Naberezhnye Chelny23 October 202228 October 20223 StopsUSD 777View Deal
Volgograd29 August 20221 September 20223 StopsUSD 850View Deal
Krasnojarsk26 October 202229 October 20222 StopsUSD 863View Deal
Rostov21 November 202227 November 20222 StopsUSD 889View Deal
Novosibirsk10 October 202215 October 20223 StopsUSD 901View Deal
Perm26 September 20222 October 20224USD 903View Deal
Ufa20 September 202224 September 20222 StopsUSD 908View Deal
Nizhniy Novgorod3 October 20225 October 20223 StopsUSD 934View Deal
Kaliningrad14 November 202220 November 20222 StopsUSD 1 001View Deal
Orenburg14 September 202219 September 20223 StopsUSD 1 023View Deal
Astrakhan25 August 202230 August 20222 StopsUSD 1 053View Deal
Osh15 September 202218 September 20221 StopUSD 1 103View Deal
Omsk16 October 202221 October 20223 StopsUSD 1 118View Deal
Stavropol3 September 20227 September 20223 StopsUSD 1 151View Deal
Khanty-Mansiysk22 August 202225 August 20224USD 1 187View Deal
Abakan26 October 202229 October 20223 StopsUSD 1 292View Deal
Tyumen16 October 202221 October 20222 StopsUSD 1 293View Deal
Vladivostok8 September 202214 September 20223 StopsUSD 1 622View Deal

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