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OriginDeparture atReturn atStopsPriceFind tickets
Kuala Lumpur1 November 20222 November 2022DirectUSD 60View Deal
Phuket3 September 20225 September 2022DirectUSD 89View Deal
Kota Kinabalu5 November 20226 November 2022DirectUSD 92View Deal
Ho Chi Minh City19 September 202223 September 2022DirectUSD 109View Deal
Krabi13 August 202215 August 2022DirectUSD 117View Deal
Bangkok8 October 202212 October 2022DirectUSD 121View Deal
Hanoi20 August 202221 August 2022DirectUSD 130View Deal
Jakarta19 September 202221 September 2022DirectUSD 130View Deal
Manila5 September 20226 September 2022DirectUSD 147View Deal
Denpasar10 November 202213 November 2022DirectUSD 148View Deal
Thiruvananthapuram22 September 202224 September 2022DirectUSD 194View Deal
Nha Trang20 September 202223 September 20221 StopUSD 197View Deal
Cebu City25 July 202228 July 2022DirectUSD 198View Deal
Da Nang9 July 202210 July 20221 StopUSD 214View Deal
Delhi24 September 202229 September 2022DirectUSD 260View Deal
Siem Reap4 January 20238 January 20231 StopUSD 273View Deal
Tagbilaran4 August 20225 August 20221 StopUSD 276View Deal
Hong Kong5 July 20227 July 2022DirectUSD 288View Deal
Colombo28 July 202230 July 20221 StopUSD 338View Deal
Sydney31 August 20223 September 2022DirectUSD 339View Deal
Goa21 July 202224 July 20222 StopsUSD 375View Deal
Seoul17 July 202222 July 2022DirectUSD 392View Deal
Male18 October 202220 October 20221 StopUSD 474View Deal
Dhaka8 July 202214 July 20221 StopUSD 484View Deal
Mumbai1 July 20222 July 2022DirectUSD 511View Deal
Dubai24 September 202230 September 20221 StopUSD 530View Deal
Sharjah2 October 20226 October 20221 StopUSD 538View Deal
Utapao4 November 20229 November 20221 StopUSD 571View Deal
Moscow6 February 202312 February 20232 StopsUSD 591View Deal
Pangkal Pinang10 July 202211 July 20221 StopUSD 650View Deal
Melbourne9 July 202211 July 20221 StopUSD 697View Deal
Istanbul2 October 20228 October 20222 StopsUSD 713View Deal
Abu Dhabi27 April 202330 April 20231 StopUSD 721View Deal
Larnaca18 October 202222 October 20223USD 767View Deal
Amsterdam30 September 20223 October 20221 StopUSD 776View Deal
Dublin31 October 20226 November 20222 StopsUSD 782View Deal
Saint Petersburg15 November 202219 November 20222 StopsUSD 787View Deal
Rome1 October 20223 October 20223USD 788View Deal
Riga4 October 202210 October 20222 StopsUSD 808View Deal
Lisbon18 October 202222 October 20222 StopsUSD 833View Deal
Bahrain16 August 202219 August 20223USD 840View Deal
Belgrade28 October 202231 October 20221 StopUSD 873View Deal
Vienna1 October 20223 October 20221 StopUSD 880View Deal
Krasnodar4 January 20237 January 20231 StopUSD 881View Deal
Tbilisi29 September 20223 October 20223USD 886View Deal
Tel Aviv-Yafo16 November 202221 November 20223USD 899View Deal
Samara15 September 202218 September 20222 StopsUSD 899View Deal
Brisbane11 July 202215 July 20222 StopsUSD 901View Deal
Almaty31 August 20223 September 20223USD 938View Deal
Warsaw1 September 20227 September 20221 StopUSD 948View Deal
Ulaanbaatar8 September 202213 September 20222 StopsUSD 971View Deal
Chisinau21 September 202225 September 20223USD 972View Deal
Novosibirsk1 November 20227 November 20222 StopsUSD 1 002View Deal
Bishkek29 September 20223 October 20222 StopsUSD 1 048View Deal
Yerevan21 July 202225 July 20223USD 1 064View Deal
Adler/Sochi15 July 202220 July 20222 StopsUSD 1 104View Deal
Frankfurt12 July 202217 July 20223USD 1 150View Deal
Kazan27 October 202231 October 20222 StopsUSD 1 176View Deal
Tashkent12 September 202218 September 20221 StopUSD 1 198View Deal
Yekaterinburg13 October 202215 October 20222 StopsUSD 1 228View Deal
Budapest10 July 202213 July 20223USD 1 239View Deal
Vilnius1 September 20224 September 20221 StopUSD 1 260View Deal
New York5 July 202210 July 20221 StopUSD 1 264View Deal
Berlin3 August 20229 August 20223USD 1 289View Deal
Makhachkala20 July 202224 July 20222 StopsUSD 1 495View Deal
Perm30 July 20225 August 20222 StopsUSD 1 678View Deal
Tomsk6 October 202212 October 20222 StopsUSD 1 812View Deal
Omsk31 August 20222 September 20222 StopsUSD 1 820View Deal
Krasnojarsk1 August 20227 August 20223USD 1 891View Deal
Ufa8 August 202214 August 20222 StopsUSD 1 900View Deal
Mineralnye Vody14 July 202216 July 20222 StopsUSD 1 967View Deal
Khabarovsk22 August 202227 August 20223USD 1 987View Deal
Irkutsk29 July 20223 August 20223USD 2 565View Deal
Vladivostok25 August 202230 August 20223USD 2 627View Deal
Blagoveschensk1 August 20225 August 20223USD 2 814View Deal
Nur-Sultan (Astana)8 July 202212 July 20223USD 2 839View Deal
Varna12 July 202217 July 20222 StopsUSD 3 001View Deal
Groznyy3 July 20228 July 20222 StopsUSD 3 906View Deal
Dushanbe9 July 202210 July 20222 StopsUSD 7 862View Deal
Tyumen6 July 20227 July 20222 StopsUSD 10 784View Deal
Chelyabinsk1 July 20225 July 20222 StopsUSD 12 706View Deal

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