Tea Valley in Bandung District

Xelexi.com – Bandung is surrounded by mountains, so the weather in this city is quite cold especially in the north which still has many green areas, clean and fresh air.

Bandung is also known as a shopping city, with malls and factory outlets are widespread in this city. Many can be found at Jl. Riau, an area that is visited by plenty of local and foreign tourists.

Other popular area is Braga Street (or Jalan Braga). This is one of the famous tourist areas worth visiting when you are in Bandung. This street has been famous since the colonial time and it is said that from this street the term Bandung as “Paris van Java” originated.

Hotels Map in Bandung

To make it easier for you to find a hotel that is close to the tourist sites in Bandung, here are links to view list of hotels that are in or near the tourist destinations in this capital city of West Java province of Indonesia:

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