Charyn Canyon is the deepest valley in Kazakhstan. For millions of years, wind and water carved Charyn’s red sandstone to form today’s remarkable shapes and shadows. After crossing the endless plains and wide open outside Almaty, the canyon comes as a surprise. Seems like a sight that is somewhere, the scene gets a third dimension.

This canyon is part of the Charyn National Park, and is located within the Uygur District, Raiymbek District, and Enbekshikazakh District (Almaty Province). Over time, the canyon has obtained colorful formations of various shapes and sizes. Although much smaller than the Grand Canyon, the Charyn Canyon is equally impressive.

The canyon consists of formations along the banks of the Charyn River about 90 kilometers (56 miles). Some experts argue that the name of the river comes from the word Uyghur ‘Sharyn’ which means “tree of ash”. There is also another interpretation which is derived from the Turkish basic word ‘Char’, which means a “precipice”. Both of these interpretations are in accordance with the condition of the location where the terrain is steep, and the ash trees are found.


The canyon can be accessed from Almaty on the main road that passes through the villages of Chilik, Baiseit and Kokpek, at a distance of about 190 kilometers or 120 miles.

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Enjoy a pleasant trip to Charyn Canyon. Explore one of the most beautiful places in the Almaty region with a comfortable SUV with AC.

During the tour, enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the Charyn canyon, the Charyn River, and the Kazakh prairie. Try traditional Kazakh food, shop at the village street market, walk down the canyon, and take photos in the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan.

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