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OriginDeparture atReturn atStopsPriceFind tickets
Palembang23 September 202127 September 2021DirectUSD 55View Deal
Denpasar13 October 202116 October 2021DirectUSD 67View Deal
Surakarta4 January 20225 January 2022DirectUSD 68View Deal
Jambi23 September 202124 September 2021DirectUSD 70View Deal
Surabaya2 October 20213 October 2021DirectUSD 71View Deal
Batam27 September 202128 September 2021DirectUSD 82View Deal
Ujung Pandang23 September 202126 September 2021DirectUSD 97View Deal
Kuala Lumpur12 January 202218 January 20221 StopUSD 164View Deal
Banda Aceh25 September 202126 September 20211 StopUSD 185View Deal
Phuket1 November 20216 November 20211 StopUSD 206View Deal
Bangkok3 November 20218 November 2021DirectUSD 222View Deal
Manokwari25 September 202126 September 20211 StopUSD 240View Deal
Bahrain31 October 20211 November 20212 StopsUSD 271View Deal
Delhi13 July 202214 July 20221 StopUSD 288View Deal
Istanbul7 October 202111 October 20211 StopUSD 382View Deal
Jeddah8 October 202113 October 20211 StopUSD 413View Deal
Abu Dhabi24 November 202128 November 20211 StopUSD 418View Deal
Seoul29 January 20222 February 20221 StopUSD 487View Deal
Riyadh21 October 202122 October 20211 StopUSD 517View Deal
Amsterdam7 October 202111 October 20211 StopUSD 527View Deal
Dubai1 October 20212 October 20211 StopUSD 568View Deal
Male28 October 202130 October 20211 StopUSD 571View Deal
Dammam11 February 202216 February 20221 StopUSD 583View Deal
London15 December 202121 December 20212 StopsUSD 583View Deal
Paris22 January 202226 January 20221 StopUSD 586View Deal
Stuttgart3 October 20216 October 20212 StopsUSD 593View Deal
Tokyo13 November 202116 November 20211 StopUSD 610View Deal
Jouf6 November 202111 November 20211 StopUSD 663View Deal
Budapest11 November 202113 November 20212 StopsUSD 699View Deal
Moscow16 October 202122 October 20212 StopsUSD 709View Deal
Baku6 November 20219 November 20211 StopUSD 715View Deal
Stockholm11 October 202117 October 20211 StopUSD 715View Deal
Muscat23 September 202129 September 20211 StopUSD 719View Deal
Warsaw1 December 20214 December 20212 StopsUSD 734View Deal
Melbourne11 November 202112 November 20213USD 739View Deal
Dhaka5 October 20217 October 20211 StopUSD 756View Deal
Adler/Sochi11 October 202116 October 20211 StopUSD 759View Deal
Raleigh/Durham2 March 20228 March 20222 StopsUSD 761View Deal
Kyiv26 September 202127 September 20211 StopUSD 783View Deal
Krasnodar16 October 202118 October 20212 StopsUSD 800View Deal
Bilbao6 December 202112 December 20212 StopsUSD 806View Deal
Munich19 November 202120 November 20211 StopUSD 816View Deal
Tbilisi1 October 20215 October 20211 StopUSD 822View Deal
Athens21 March 202227 March 20221 StopUSD 825View Deal
Zurich28 October 202129 October 20211 StopUSD 829View Deal
Saint Petersburg5 October 202110 October 20213USD 830View Deal
Chicago7 October 202110 October 20211 StopUSD 836View Deal
Rostov26 September 202129 September 20212 StopsUSD 846View Deal
Yekaterinburg26 September 202130 September 20212 StopsUSD 858View Deal
Tyumen25 September 202126 September 20212 StopsUSD 864View Deal
Bishkek1 October 20217 October 20212 StopsUSD 903View Deal
Chisinau29 December 20214 January 20223USD 903View Deal
Yerevan25 September 202128 September 20213USD 904View Deal
Kemerovo7 October 202111 October 20212 StopsUSD 911View Deal
Volgograd27 October 20211 November 20213USD 912View Deal
Nizhniy Novgorod1 December 20215 December 20213USD 928View Deal
Tel Aviv-Yafo16 March 202221 March 20222 StopsUSD 936View Deal
Novosibirsk11 October 202115 October 20213USD 951View Deal
Phnom Penh24 September 202130 September 20211 StopUSD 958View Deal
Algiers15 October 202120 October 20211 StopUSD 969View Deal
Irkutsk24 November 202128 November 20213USD 971View Deal
Minsk28 September 202129 September 20213USD 1 031View Deal
Tashkent30 September 20211 October 20211 StopUSD 1 071View Deal
Windhoek26 October 202131 October 20212 StopsUSD 1 154View Deal
Houston13 December 202118 December 20212 StopsUSD 1 219View Deal
Kolkata1 October 20215 October 20213USD 1 233View Deal
Almaty8 November 202113 November 20213USD 1 277View Deal
Vladivostok27 September 202128 September 20214USD 1 393View Deal
Nur-Sultan (Astana)15 October 202116 October 20213USD 1 488View Deal

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