Xelexi.com – Tanah Abang Market in Central Jakarta, is the biggest wholesale market compound in Southeast Asia. The textile market has built its reputation as the center of textile and clothes trading since its establishment in 1735.

The 160,000-square-meter Blok A building, which is the most popular among other buildings in the area, has modern facilities like air conditioning, elevators and escalators. On the top floor, it even has a mosque that has room for up to 2,000 people.

Tanah Abang Blok A Concept (source: thetanahabang.com)

With almost 8,000 kiosks and as many as 80,000 shoppers at busy times, transactions in Blok A alone can amount to Rp 500 billion (US$43 million) per day. The market has attracted buyers from as far as Africa and Saudi Arabia. (source)

As a major trading area, there are many hotels available around this market, from budget hotels to luxurious ones. We’ve summarized some of them below:

Within a radius of 1 kilometer from Tanah Abang Market there are at least 36 hotels, some of them are:

4-Star Hotels near Tanah Abang Market 

3-Star Hotels near Tanah Abang Market

2-Star Hotels near Tanah Abang Market

Meanwhile the 5-star hotel is located a little further away from Tanah Abang Market. Some of them are:

The number inside the brackets is the distance between the hotel and Tanah Abang Grocery Center. You may click on the hotel name to find out the location and price.

For other hotels you can check at the following links:

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