Nasi Goreng (fried rice) typical food on Indonesia – Jakarta, which is famous for its crowded streets, has very tempting nighttime street food culinary.

Jalan Sabang, as one of the centers of Jakarta street food, offers a variety of culinary that is delicious, very much enjoyable, worth a try, and definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss! The food and area that has already been in Jakarta for a long time has its own story and grows alongside Jakarta’s development as a city.

There are many delicious dishes available here. From traditional Indonesian dishes to international cuisine, from street vendors to air-conditioned restaurants, from relatively inexpensive to the really expensive ones. Complete!

The area known for its crowdedness and close proximity to office buildings makes Jalan Sabang an interesting place to find unique street food culinary. This includes a diversity of culinary and food originating from different places throughout the Indonesian archipelago, such as Betawinese, Javanese, and even Acehnese food, as well as food from Madura, Palembang, and Minang.

Have the chance of trying this awesome culinary out and experience what it is like to be a local people of Jakarta!

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