George Town in Penang Malaysia is famous for its colonial heritage and antique architecture, but travelers to this destination will find a unique blend of Indian, Chinese and Muslim cultures along its European streets. Calls for prayer ringing every day and delicious dim sum shops start selling their delicious snacks as the sun rises.

About 600,000 people refer to George Town as a home, and travelers to this bustling center will find restaurants, shops and temples tucked between traditional colonial-style buildings, such as the Municipal Council of Pulau Pinang Hall. While visitors will definitely do well to wander the streets, the architecture along the Armenian Street and the typical items in Little India are worth a visit.

Fort Cornwallis, with its historical galleries and restored grounds, is an ideal place for historical lovers and the Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple attests to one of the city’s most iconic religious structures.

Tours and Activities in George Town, Penang

Unveil the history of Georgetown and hear true stories of historical buildings in the area, or be a part of a small group as you venture through the Georgetown Heritage area on the trail for delicious local food.

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Flights Schedule from Kuala Lumpur to Penang

Penang can be reached from Kuala Lumpur for about 50 minutes of flight.

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