Prama Grand Preanger Hotel, Bandung Braga Street (or Jalan Braga) is one of the popular tourist areas worth visiting when you are in Bandung. This street has been famous since the colonial time and it is said that from this street the term Bandung as “Paris van Java” originated.

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One of the attractions for tourists on Jalan Braga is Braga City Walk. Braga City Walk is an integrated tourist area with complete and modern facilities created for the convenience of every visitor.

On weekends or during long holidays, this area will become very crowded by many tourists both domestic and foreign.

As a tourist region, there are several hotels located in or near this area, such as:

For those of you who love the backpacker-style adventure, there are budget hotel options such as Buton Backpacker Lodge and Chezbon Hostel that provide accommodation starting from USD 7.

Hotels Map near Braga Street, Bandung

In more detail what hotels are available in Braga Street and surrounding areas, you may click the following links:

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