Izmir Clock Tower, Turkey
Izmir Clock Tower, Turkey

There are several things that make a country become a tourist destination that attracts many travelers to come. The natural beauty, historic national heritage, its cuisine, or man-made attractions all play a role. Here is the list of top 10 most visited countries in the world by worldatlas.com (part 2):

Top 10 Most Visited Countries In The World (part 2)

6. Turkiye

Turkiye, the 6th most visited countries in the world is well known for its rich cultural heritage and ethnic diversity. The country is endowed with a large number of historical, cultural and archaeological sites and charming seaside resorts along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. In 2014, the country received 39.8 million international visitors.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey

Turkiye has 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the “Historic Areas of Istanbul”, the “Rock Sites of Cappadocia”, and the “Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük”. Turkiye also hosts two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.

Turkiye offers a rich variety of destinations for tourists. From the domes and towers or minarets filled skyline of Istanbul to the Roman ruins along the western and southern coasts, from the beaches of Antalya and the Mediterranean seaside resorts to the misty mountains of Eastern Black Sea.

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7. Germany

Regarded as one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, Germany receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country. As per records, over 30% of the Germans love to vacation within their own country. Foreigners also love to visit the country as evident from the fact that in 2014, 33 million foreign tourists toured Germany. In 2012, international tourism generated a tourism revenue of over $38 billion USD.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

The tourism industry in Germany is estimated to contribute 4.5% towards the national GDP and 2 million employment opportunities are created here based on travel and tourism related job requirements. Cultural tourism is most popular in the country with Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg being the most visited cities here.

Visitations to the country for educational and business purposes is also quite common. Several protected areas within Germany, such as the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, and the Jasmund National Park, also attract millions of tourists every year.

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8. United Kingdom

With a long, interesting history, rich culture and well developed tourism facilities and infrastructure, the United Kingdom ranks as the 8th most visited country in the world. In 2014, the country welcomed 32.6 million visitors with foreign tourists generating an income of around $17.2 billion USD for the country.

Tower Bridge, London, UK
Tower Bridge, London, UK

The United Kingdom (UK) comprises four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The majority of the foreign visitors touring the country arrive from other parts of Europe while tourists from the United States and Canada form the second largest group of foreign visitors to the country. The domestic tourism industry in the country is also thriving. London is the most visited city in the United Kingdom, and the Tower of London is the most popular attraction in the entire country.

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9. Russia

Russia, a country hosting 23 World Heritage Sites is understandably one of the most visited countries in the world. Both nature and cultural tourism is popular in this country. Lake Baikal, volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, the Black Sea coasts, the Ruskeala Canyon, snowy mountains of Altai are some of the natural attractions in this country. Cultural hot spots here include the cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Novgorod, Kazan, and others with their numerous churches, museums, historical buildings, theaters, palaces, fortifications, and other sites steeped in centuries of history.

Moscow at night
Moscow at night

The popularity of tourism in Russia is evident from the fact that in 2013, nearly 28.4 million tourists visited the country with $11.2 billion USD being generated as international tourism revenue by the Russia’s tourism industry the same year. In 2014, 29.8 million tourists spent their vacation in the country. Around 966,600 jobs in the Russian Federation are directly related to the travel and tourism industry in the country.

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10. Thailand

The tenth most visited countries in the world is Thailand. With its sunny, sandy beaches, tropical islands, rich wildlife, archaeological sites, temples and monasteries, and more, Thailand is a global tourist hot spot. The vibrant and lively festivals of country, the thriving nightlife, world-class shopping facilities, and delectable Thai cuisine, are all major tourist attractants in the country.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Phi Phi Island, Thailand

It is estimated that directly and indirectly, tourism generated revenue contributes nearly 20.2% of the national GDP of the country. It is also assumed that by 2032, Thailand will be receiving around 100 million visitors.

Year 2015 was a successful year for the country’s tourism industry when the hotel occupancy soared to 73.4%, a 13.6% rise from the previous year. Medical tourism in Thailand is also growing as international patients are now arriving here to receive world-class treatment at relatively lower costs that in their homeland.

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