Making a trip let alone travelling abroad is a great experience. You will see and experience new cultures, habits, and foods that you may never have tasted. But before leaving you should consider some of the following to make your travel plans more perfect. Based on best practices, we’ve summarized 30 useful travel tips before or when you travel to other regions or other countries.

30 Useful Travel Tips

01. Make a Checklist

The first travel tip is to make a list of things you don’t want to forget a few days before leaving. Write down the things like what to do, what to bring, what to pay, what to say to family or friends, flight schedules, name of the hotel, room number, and so on.

Make a Checklist

Make your travel check listCreating a check list will help you ensure that your travel plans are going well and smoothly.

02. Create a Copy of Your Passport

Make copies of your passport and other important documents, such as visas, driver’s license, birth certificate, and health insurance card. Keep in a separate bag from the original. So if the original is lost or stolen, you can make sure you can still return to your homeland, or you can prove your citizenship.

Make a photocopy or an electronic copy of your passport

For additional backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider also making an electronic copy, by being scanned or photographed, and then sent to your own email account.

03. Learn Local Phrases

Knowing some simple phrases like “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language would be helpful.

04. Get the Travel Guidebook

Find and get the Travel Guidebook. It usually include maps, keywords or phrases, and give you enough information about places of interest to visit.

Travel Guidebook

05. Do not Plan Too Detailed

Making travel plans is good, but do not make it too detailed. Travelling is an opportunity for you to enjoy freedom. Relax and feel the sensation. Do not make things look complicated.

You may arrive in a city and do not like it, then you can immediately make a new plan to move to another city. Or maybe you really like the city and plan to stay longer. Or maybe you get information about other interesting locations nearby and would like to explore it.

Make your plan as simple as possible

Book a one-way ticket and a hotel for a few first nights, then decide whether you’ll stay longer or go on to another location.

06. Tell Your Family About Your Travel Plans

This is important especially when you are travelling alone, but even if you are travel with family or in a group, it is still a good idea to give information about your travel plans to other family members or someone closest to you.

07. Separate Your Clothes

Pack your clothes on different bags, for example in carry-on bag, backpacks, and/or suitcase. Do not packed in one bag only, because if you lose one of your bags or your bags stray to another destination, you will still have some spare clothes to wear.

Note also that each airline has a set of guidelines for how many bags can be checked or carried on for free. Be sure to find out your airline’s rules to avoid any additional costs.

08. Put Important Items on Carrying Bag

Some important items such as identity cards or passports, mobile phones, some medicines, toothbrushes should be put into a carrying bag (waist bag or shoulder bag) for easy access when needed.

09. Reduce your luggage

You do not have to carry all the stuff you need. Some items can be purchased in the region or country of your destination. Bring only the most important items for your travel.

Reduce and arrange your luggage well

10. Medicine and First Aid Kit

Do not forget to bring medicines and small first aid kit, such as cold medicines, wound medicines, bandages, stomach pains (diarrhoea), and other things we may not always have easy access when travelling.

Don’t forget to bring your first aid kit

11. Bring Snacks

Traveling abroad is indeed exciting, but food abroad sometimes doesn’t suit your tongue and stomach. Bring enough favourite snacks that will accompany you until you find a suitable restaurant.

12. Wrap Your Bag with Plastic

International airports around the world today commonly provide bag-wrapping services. Some are free but some also require us to pay a certain amount.

Wrap your suitcase with plastic to increase security

The reason we should wrap the bag with plastic is to provide an extra layer of protection from the possibility of your bag being opened and stuff in it being stolen. Another reason is to keep your bag waterproof, if you wrap it tightly and good.

13. Book Tourist Attraction Tickets in Advance

Many tourist sites sell their tickets in advance. Buy tickets earlier for places you want to visit. By purchasing tickets in advance even before you leave, you can avoid the queue line.

14. Find Cheap Flights and Best Hotel Deals

Save your travel expenses. You can search for cheap flights and great hotel deals from hundreds of travel sites on Try different destinations and departure dates, and get the best price you want.

Find cheap flights and the best hotel deals at

Find and decide where you want to stay: resorts, luxury hotels, 3 star hotels, apartments, or at backpacker hotels.

15. Always Have Local Money

Having local money for the destination country is highly recommended, as not every place accepts credit / debit cards.

16. Check Your Credit / Debit Card

Make sure your credit card or debit card can be used in the country you’re visiting.

17. Contact Your Bank

You should also contact your bank or credit card provider. Sometimes banks think that fraud may be happening if there is a sudden transaction in Jakarta when you are usually in Tokyo. The bank may disable your card as a security measure.

Make sure your credit card or debit card can be used in the country you’re visiting

18. Separate Your Money Source

Do not keep all your money and cards in one place. Try to hide cash, credit or debit cards in a separate bag, not in the same bag as your wallet.

19. Bring the Charger Adapter

Bring the charger adapter for your gadget. Each country may have plugs and voltages of different sizes. So if you want to use your gadget, make sure you can charge it.

Make sure you can charge your gadget during travelling

20. Bring Backup Battery for Your Camera

Do not forget to bring a spare camera battery so you do not miss precious moments that are not captured by your camera.

21. Enable Your Phone’s Global Capabilities

Enable your phone capability for the destination country. Of course there are certain charges to enable this, but it is usually much cheaper than the roaming fee you would get if you did not do so.

Activate your phone access and stay connected

Another option is to buy a local SIM card in the destination country if available.

22. Report to The Embassy

Report your presence to the embassy of your country, especially if you plan to stay for a few days or a few weeks in your destination country. This will make it easier for your government to contact you and make sure you are safe, if a problem occurs in your destination country.

23. Beware of Free Public WIFI

Avoid accessing a bank account or entering a password when using free public Wi-Fi in an open areas such as airports, hotels, restaurants, or amusement parks.

Public Wi-Fi is easy to hack using “sniffer”: a software designed to intercept and decode data transmitted over the network.

24.  Be Patient and Provide Space for Spontaneity

When travelling, you should always anticipate possible delays and try not to get upset when something goes out of the plan. Patience is very important when travelling! Besides being patient, you should always provide space for spontaneity. Sometimes, unplanned moments while travelling can be the best memories.

Always anticipate possible delays and be patient

25. Be Open Minded

Do not judge the customs or cultures of other countries. Keep an open mind to learn and experience new things while travelling abroad, that includes trying out local foods that can help you know a little about their culture.

26. Try Local Food

Occasionally try to eat local food of your destination. Not just in restaurants, trying out street food culinary will be a memorable experience. You can ask for recommendations from the local community to find out what foods are worth a try.

Indonesian Food- Goat Satay

27. Wear Sunscreen

This is important, especially when you are travelling to a tropical country or your destination is a beach area.

28. Always Bring Sarong

Sarong can be used for various things. It can be used as a blanket when you are cold, towels, curtains, or as a substitute for clothing that can be worn dozens of different ways. Either a patterned or a plain-coloured sarong can be a great alternative to carry.

Sarong with various patterns

29. Take Photos As Much As Possible

You will probably only visit these places or meet these people once in your lifetime. Remember them forever with lots of photos. It’s okay to look like “a tourist”, because good photos are excellent souvenir.

You do not need to use expensive cameras to capture special moments, using camera on your cellphone will be a wise alternative.

During the trip, take photos as much as possible

Photos do not take place in your luggage. So, express yourself freely to take lots of photos and enjoy the scenery.

30. Always Contact Your Family or Friends

Contact your family and friends any time. Many applications you can use, such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, or through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Contact your family and friends any time

You can surprise them by sending a recent photo with the background of the location you are in now, or making a video call with them.

That’s a list of travel tips for you. We hope this helps and inspires you before or when you travel.

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