Bali Cuisine dishes
Examples of Balinese dishes (By Everett Harper from San Francisco, USA - bu bu bali cooking, CC BY-SA 2.0,

In Bali you can experience many popular things including beaches, temples and the Balinese way of life, but one thing you will never forget is traditional Balinese food. So, we invite you not only to enjoy Balinese cuisine, let’s join and learn together at the Bali Cooking Class. This will be a pleasant experience for you.

Balinese Cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines in the world. Part of Indonesian cuisine, it demonstrates indigenous traditions, as well as influences from other Indonesian regional cuisine, Chinese and Indian.

From a simple nasi goreng (fried rice) to pepes ayam (banana leaf chicken) and sate lilit (minced fish satay), Bali boasts a wealth of delicious dishes. Whether you’re picking your own veggies from an organic farm, hand-grinding spice pastes with a stone pestle, or shopping like a local at a morning market, a class is the perfect way to discover them.

Bali cooking classes let you join a professional chef in a restaurant kitchen or work alongside a local host in their family home: either way, you’ll get up close with both culture and cuisine.

See, touch and become familiar with many kinds of tropical spices and local ingredients, blended with the freshest vegetables, meat and fish, cooking and eating real Balinese food will be an unforgettable cultural experience.

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