Tea Plantation at Puncak
Tea Plantation at Puncak (Photo By By Hullie - Self-photographed, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1393185)

Puncak, which means “top” or “peak” in Indonesian, is a mountain pass in West Java, Indonesia. The pass connects the city of Bogor and Bandung, and is spread within the regencies of Bogor, Cianjur, and Sukabumi. Puncak is a popular local holiday destination. Exchange the hustle and bustle of Jakarta for the cool and misty Puncak Highland by joining the Puncak Highland Tour from Jakarta.

Puncak Pass is located between Mt. Gede-Pangrango in the south, and the Jonggol Mountains in the north. The highest point of the pass is about 1500 m altitude. Puncak is known for its individual private resorts/villas, which can be rented out for individual or group bookings.

Schools and companies organize group outings, business conferences, and trainings in those resorts. There are a number of tea plantations on either side of the main Puncak road, one of the famous ones is the Gunung Mas Tea Plantation. The activities available here include paragliding, tea plantation walking, or just relaxing with the views.

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Tours to Puncak usually include visiting the city of Bogor. Bogor is situated in the foothills of Mt Salak, around 60 kilometers south of the national capital of Jakarta. There is an attraction that you should not miss here, the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which features more than 3,504 plant species and some 5,400 tropical trees across more than 214 acres (87 hectares).

There is also the Bogor Palace which is located next to the Botanical Gardens. This historic site was once the summer residence of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. This place is famous for its beautiful architecture and the small herd of deer that roam there.

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