There are at least two types of online travel sites. The first type is direct booking where you can place a hotel reservation directly through the relevant sites, such as Booking.com, Tiket.com, Hotels.com, Traveloka, and others.

And the second is the hotel price comparison website, where you can do hotel price comparisons offered by many travel sites at once in one search. Among the well known hotel price comparison sites is Trivago, and another one is Xelexi. This article will discuss How the Hotel Price Comparison Sites Works.

In contrast to the type of direct booking where the hotel price displayed by the travel site is single for one particular hotel room choice, on the hotel price comparison website will be shown different price options for the same hotel’s room. These price options come from the offering of multiple travel sites.

At the hotel price comparison travel site you just have to do one search, no need to bother to open and fill one by one destination and holiday dates on each of the online travel agent sites.

Usually recommended hotels will be displayed at the top. But you can sort by the cheapest price first, and also can filter based on certain criteria, such as price range, star rating, and location.

Search Result for Hotels Price Comparison

Each hotel room offered will display the name of its travel agent website, and you can see also the same hotel room price offer from other travel sites.

If there is a price match with your budget, you can select the desired hotel by clicking the available button that will direct you automatically to the destination online travel site to complete your hotel booking.

You will be asked to enter the name of your ID or passport, address, and then choose the preferred payment method.

It’s easy, right..?

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