Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta skyline at night (By Ecal saputra - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53370803)

Xelexi.com – Jakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia is also a business center and cultural center. Although it is still struggling to overcome various problems, especially traffic jams and floods, Jakarta is the most developed city in Indonesia and has a modern infrastructure.

With all its advantages and disadvantages, Jakarta has always been a magnet for many people to visit.

There are many tourist attractions in Jakarta that are interesting to explore, such as Ancol, Taman Mini, Ragunan, Kota Tua, Mangrove Forest, and others. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Ancol Dreamland
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Located along the northern edge of Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is one of the famous tourist destinations in Jakarta.

Ocean Dream Samudra, Ancol (Photo: KOMPAS.COM/SILVITA AGMASARI)

Ancol Dreamland opened in 1966 and is currently the largest integrated tourism area in Indonesia. You can enjoy many attractions here, such as:

  • Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi or “Dufan” for short)
  • Atlantis Water Adventure
  • Ocean Dream Samudra
  • Sea World Jakarta
  • Beaches and Park
  • Art Market
  • Ocean Eco Park
  • Sky Train (Gondola)

Some of the above venues will be explained as a separate tourist attraction in this article.

2. Fantasy World (Dufan)
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Fantasy World or popularly called Dufan (short for Dunia Fantasi in Bahasa Indonesia) is the largest outdoor entertainment center in Indonesia that provides visitors with World Fantasy Travel, through various high-tech game rides.

The tourist location that opened to the public starting August 29, 1986 is divided into 8 regions: Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Europe, America, Greece, Balada Kera, and Fantasi Hikayat which featuring ancient Greek and ancient Egypt architecture.

Water Ride, Dufan, Ancol (Photo by Ancol.com, cropped and enhanced by Xelexi.com)

You can enjoy a variety of interesting games here. Among its most popular games are Halilintar Roller Coaster, Niagara Flume Ride, Istana Boneka (an Indonesian version of Disney’s It’s a Small World), Balada Kera Theater Show (Monkey Parody – animatronics show), Bianglala Ferris Wheel, Kora-Kora (Swinging Ship), Poci-Poci (Spinning Cups Ride), Hysteria (Drop Tower), and Water Ride or Rafting.

3. Sea World Jakarta
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Another popular tourist site within the Ancol area is Sea World Jakarta, the first underwater aquarium in Indonesia. This is a good family tourist destination, because you can learn about the life of aquatic animals here. There are several areas in Sea World, such as:

  • Main Aquarium – Containing a collection of approximately 35,500 Indonesian marine fish from 35 different species.
  • Freshwater Area – Containing a collection of freshwater animals from various countries, including the piranha and Arapaima gigas from the Amazon river, and also electric eel.
  • The Antasena Lane – An 80 m long underwater tunnel operated with an automatic travelator with a transparent roof that allows visitors to enjoy the charming underwater scenery.
Seaworld Jakarta (source: tempatwisatadaerah.blogspot)

Other areas are Dugong Aquarium, Sharkquarium, Ecosystem Tank, and Deep Sea Area, which is an area consist of preserved deep-sea animals placed in a glass tube.

4. Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII)
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From the northern part of Jakarta, we are now headed straight for East Jakarta to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, one of the leading tourist areas in the capital.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or literally translated as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park is a culture-based recreational area. With an area of 1.5 km square, this park is an Indonesian cultural synopsis of all provinces in the country displayed in their traditional architectural pavilion.

Keong Emas TMII, IMAX Theatre (Photo: tamanmini.com)

Besides the provincial pavilions, TMII have many interesting venues, such as the Snow Bay Swimming Pool, Cable Car, Keong Mas IMAX Theater, Tanah Airku Theater, Among Puro Park, Ria Atmaja Park, and dozens of other interesting venues. TMII also offers a variety of museums and educational themed platforms as a good learning area for children.

In the middle of TMII you will find a lake depicting the miniature of the Indonesian archipelago.

With all these recreational facilities, makes TMII a popular destination, not only for citizens of Jakarta and around but also for visitors from other part of Indonesia and abroad.

5. The National Monument Tower
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Located right in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, National Monument (or Monas for short) is the icon of the capital city of Jakarta. It is also one of the symbols of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

With a height of 132 meters (433 feet), this tower is crowned with a gold-plated flame symbolizing the spirit of a blazing struggle.

Monas at Night (Photo: beritaenam.com)

At the base of the monument at a depth of 3 meters below ground level, there is the Indonesian National History Museum covering an area of 80 x 80 meters, which can accommodate about 500 visitors. This large marble-lined room has 48 dioramas on all four sides and 3 dioramas in the center. These dioramas display the history of Indonesia from pre-history period to the time of independence and development.

You can also go to the top of Monas. There is a lift available at the south side door. The capacity of the Monas top-court is about 50 people. When the weather is sunny without haze, you will see the scenery of Mount Gede Pangrango and Salak Mountain in the south, while in the north you will see the vast sea view with the Thousand Islands. There is also binoculars to see the panorama of Jakarta more closely.

Monument and museum is open every day starting at 08.00 – 15.00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB). On Monday at the last weekend of each month the monument is closed to the public.

6. The Thousand Islands
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The Thousand Islands is a cluster of islands off the north coast of Jakarta. This is one of the favorite locations for vacations.

There are 108 islands that stretches 45 km (28 miles) towards the Java Sea. Among them 11 are inhabited islands, such as Tidung Island, Untung Jawa Island, Pari Island, Pramuka Island, and Panggang Island. There are also some islands that serve as a tourist area, such as Bidadari Island, Onrust Island, Ayer Island, Puteri Island, Matahari Island and so forth.

“Love Bridge” which connects Tidung Besar Island to Tidung Kecil Island (Photo: Fair use, https://id.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1475713, enhanced by Xelexi.com)

To go to the Thousand Islands there are 3 options of transportation routes: from Kali Adem Port behind Muara Angke Fish Market, Marina Ancol Beach Pier, and through the Port of Sunda Kelapa.

Through Kali Adem Port you can choose to use a traditional boat (wooden boat), fast boat KM Grouper, or ferry boat. While for a speedboat ride you can only go through Marina Ancol Beach Pier. If you want to board a PELNI ship, you must ride from the Port of Sunda Kelapa.

You can do various tourist activities here, such as diving, snorkelling, banana boat, watching sunset or sunrise, or just take a walk to enjoy the views of the beautiful scenery of the island and sea.

7. Ragunan Zoo
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For those of you who want to enjoy the lush tropical nature environment, you can visit the Ragunan Zoo, located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

The 140-hectare zoo has a collection of about 300 species of animals and 4000s specimens, such as elephants, camels, orangutans, anoa, Sumatran tigers and various bird species such as peacocks and pelicans.

For your info, the Zoo, founded in 1864, is the third oldest zoo in the world and is also designated as the second largest zoo in the world with the most diverse population of animals and plants.

Pusat Primata Schmutzer (Schmutzer Primate Center)
Pusat Primata Schmutzer (Schmutzer Primate Center)
Inside the Ragunan Zoo, you can also visit the Schmutzer Primate Center, a 13ha complex area designed with the concept of an open zoo where the primates living in it seem to be in their natural habitat.

The zoo is closed every Monday for treatment and also for the animals there to rest. But if Monday is a holiday, the zoo will be opened and will be closed on another day as a substitute.

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