Manta Ray – Penida Island, or Nusa Penida, is an island off the southeastern coast of Bali and at 203 square kilometers, is the largest of the three in the area. Nusa Penida is located in a district of Klungkung Regency that includes the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan. The Badung Strait separates the island and Bali.

Nusa Penida is famous for its diving sites including Penida Bay, Manta Point, Meling Stone, Lumbung Stone, Abah Stone, Toyapakeh and Malibu Point.

Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali (Source: welikebali)

About 10 meters from the beach, locals plant seaweed in the sea, its sales are an important source of income for the island’s inhabitants. Due to the dry and rough landscape and the scarcity of fresh water, Penida Island was once used as a prison colony, but has since become a bird sanctuary and diving paradise. Here, some rare species including white Bali Starling and bright Balinese turtles have found their home.

Despite the lack of infrastructure and remote destination, the diving industry is growing rapidly. One of the most interesting things about Nusa Penida is its deep sea fish, such as mackerel, shark, manta rays, eagle rays and tuna. The most rare fish, however, are the giant Mola Mola (also called sunfish), which usually live in the depths of the ocean and weigh up to 2,300 kilograms.

Many divers travel to the island between June and September in an attempt to see the world’s largest boned fish swimming to the surface to bask in the sun and let small parasitfish nibble the parasites from their bodies. However, while the water is crystal clear, the dive conditions are challenging and the flow can change daily. Therefore, it is very important to dive with an experienced guide.

Diving Sites in Penida Island

Toyapakeh has a stretch of coral reefs, and in the southern part of the bay there is a similar area of rugged bommies, rich in color and fish. Big schools of fish, sea turtles, and sometimes Mola mola (sunfish) are the spotlight of Toyapakeh diving. Toyapakeh is special for its coral pillars.

Malibu Point
Malibu Point is a dive site with gray rock, white coral tip, silver tip and lots of sharks. While Penida Bay is another anchor point, and rocky islands have an interesting shapes; something like an old elephant resting. The bay is vulnerable to large waves, fluctuations in rising and falling currents.

Manta Bay
This is a bay frequented by tourist boats as it is a known location for spotting and swimming with Manta Rays. Manta Point is something like limestone from the Pandan cafe. His arms are relatively strong.

Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay has a relatively calm condition for diving. The water is crystal clear so it is very good for snorkeling. At Crystal Bay you will see a bunch of anthias and batfish that come around on a regular basis. Here is also one of the few places in the world where one can see the amazing mola mola.

Accommodations in Nusa Penida Islands

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