Harris Hotel, Sentul, Bogor, Indonesia

Sentul City is a “mountain city” area of approximately 3000 hectares, located in Desa Sentul, east of Bogor. This area was built as a place of residence as well as for tourism, located at an altitude of 215-500 meters above sea level. There are various public facilities in this area such as Hotel, Mall, School, Sentul Wonderland Outbound Kids, sports facilities, and others.

Direct access to the area was opened in 1997 via the Sentul Selatan toll gate.

As a tourist area there are at least 10 hotels here, ranging from one star to four stars. We’ve summarized some of them below:

The only 4 star hotel in Sentul area is:

While the 3 star hotels in the region are:

In addition, there is also one 3.5 star hotel:

For other hotels, you can check at the following links:

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