The Blue Mosque, Istanbul At Night – The Blue Mosque (or Sultan Ahmet Camii in Turkish) is one of Istanbul’s main tourist attractions. The mosque, famous for its slender minarets and collection of domes, is built in 1616 over the ancient site of the Hippodrome and Byzantine palace.

The Blue Mosque is surrounded by six towers and has a large courtyard. The room in the mosque is decorated by 20.000 beautiful blue iznik ceramics on each side, with other decorations such as bouquets and intricate motifs.

Inside The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Inside the mosque environment there are social facilities such as madrasah or school, Sultan Resting Mansion, Turkish baths, fountains, hospitals, Mekteb-I Sibyan, and lodging houses that can be rented outside the mosque’s neighborhood. There are also several tombs, including the tombs of Sultan Ahmet, his wife Kosem Sultan, and their children Murat and Osman in the Northwest.

Blue Mosque Istanbul at Day Time

The Blue Mosque is also an active mosque, so it’s closed to non worshippers for a half hour or so during the five daily prayers. The best way to see this Blue Mosque architecture is to walk from the Hippodrome (west of the mosque).

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